Young Explorers


The Young Explorers room offers care and education to our youngest children, from 6 weeks to 2 years. The room itself has a large carpet area with lots of cosy pillows, blankets and beanbags for the children to enjoy quiet time; we have various story baskets as part of continuous provision, as well as large heuristic area with great range of treasure baskets with natural, real-life  resources to develop sensory exploration using all the senses.

We have a large construction area which contains an excellent selection of wooden resources, including Loose Parts Play, where the children are able to develop their critical thinking skills within their play. 

Finally, there is a large messy play area where the children can explore activities within sand, water, playdough and mark making. On top of that, different activities are set up within the tuff trays each day, where the children are encouraged to express themselves through exploratory play, involving gloop, jelly, ice play and lots more!

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Georgina is the Lead Practitioner... she is the tuff tray queen with an incredible imagination for children's activities!

If you need ideas or recipes for the most fabulous messy activities and scenes, then Emma is your woman! 

When it comes to training, Charlotte has smashed it in the passion for learning and commitment to professional development stakes (currently on maternity leave).

Always there when needed and sprinkling her kind nature everywhere she goes is Ciara.

And then there is Donna... there is nothing that one of her cuddles can't fix!

Learning all the ropes and following her passion straight from school is our apprentice Isobel.

Our newcomer Amy has got such caring and bubbly personality that she fits in amongst the youngest residents perfectly.


In the Young Explorers room, we pride ourselves in 100% dedication to giving the children in our care the best possible start in life; this includes teaching them about healthy lifestyles and the importance of keeping physically active. Every day, we offer an extensive range of physical activities, such as parachute games, music box, dough disco, mindfulness and yoga. In the morning, one of those physical activities helps the children clear their minds, exert energy and concentrate on focused activities that follow. We also have dedicated time for outdoor play each morning and afternoon where the children are able to run freely in the garden, ride tricycles, use the climbing equipment, explore the sensory shed or get their hands dirty in the mud kitchen.

Throughout the day there are various small and large group times that support the children in developing their social skills, turn taking skills, confidence and positive relationships.