Early Learners


Our Early Learners room is designed for children aged 2 to 3 years; it is a very spacious classroom with various designated areas for the children to explore, such as a large construction area with a floor sandpit, loose parts play and small world resources that support developing the children's imagination in creating their own storylines for their play.


Each child's voice is extremely important and is used, amongst many other ways, in the role play area where the theme is changed regularly based on the ideas from the children. The children can have a relaxing break in the Calm Cave where they can have a read through various feelings / emotions books or talk to our Worry Monster. Our large mark making area contains a great range of accessible resources, including a 'busy fingers' area with an interactive board. The Early Learners' room also has a reading area with a 'Story of the Month, and a rolling snack station which the children use independently.

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Danielle is our Lead Practitioner... she has the calm factor and an admirable ability to restore order! (currently on maternity leave)

Stepping in to take charge is Beth; her bubbly personality and voice of an anger is bound to keep everyone's spirits up!

After 20 years at St Vincent's, Jeanette is the children's favourite storyteller...

Then there is Elaine... the things that she can make out of a cardboard box!

Gillian is the Yoga and Mindfulness queen... she can create some incredible poses!

Newcomer Amy has settled in from day one and is quickly becoming part of this wonderful bunch!


In the Early Learners' room we specialise in Yoga which is part of our daily routine as one way of working towards the recommended 180 minutes of physical activity each day; other than that, we also practise Laughter Yoga, Write Dance, Sticky Kids, Dough Disco and the Daily Mile.

The children participate in a circle time twice a day, where they learn about the days of the week and observe the weather; during our morning circle time, our Helping Hands are chosen for the day, where the children are allocated jobs such as 'leader', 'snack helper' and 'mealtime helper'. Throughout the day, the children explore the learning environment wiht great confidence and independence, joining in with focused activities and free play; their daily outdoor play involves lots of physical activities, with climbing, bike riding and running as the firm favourites.