Nutrition & Menus


At St Vincent’s Nursery, we are extremely passionate about nutrition and providing children with a diet that is nutritionally balanced, exposes them to new ingredients and tastes from all over the world, promotes the minimum ‘5-a-day’ of fruit and vegetables, but most importantly, tastes absolutely delicious!

All our meals are freshly prepared on the premises every day by our highly experienced, skilled and qualified Nursery Chef who prides himself in ensuring that meals not only taste fantastic, but also look and smell that way. The chef is solely responsible for preparing a rotation of weekly menus, which are seasonal, diverse and take into account recommended portions of wholegrain and dairy products per day, and fish products per week. All our meals contain no added salt and the use of sugar is kept to a minimum. All fresh produce, such as meat, fruit and vegetables, is locally sourced and organic.

We cater for all dietary requirements (including allergies, intolerances or preferences) and fully support all complementary feeding (weaning) stages for babies, adapting our menus accordingly.

The children have access to fresh drinking water throughout the day.


The current cycle of weekly menus can be found below.

Winter Menu week 1

Winter Menu week 2

Winter Menu week 3

Winter Menu week 4

Winter Menu week 5