Rhythm of the Day


Routines, rhythms and rituals make up the children's nursery day; they provide the children with a sense of security and belonging that helps them develop seld-discipline, self-esteem and confidence by providing opportunities for children to experience success in what they do.


At St Vincent's Nursery, we pride ourselves in our strong but fluid 'Rhythm of the Day'. This means that although certain aspects of our day happen at the same time each day - 'fixed rhythms', we have largely moved away from the expected timetable. The 'Rhythm of the Day' flows following the children's wellbeing, it reduces anxiety and helps the children settle into their nursery environment. The 'Rhythm of the Day' varies for each age group and as well as meal and snack times, each day involves a balance between indoor and outdoor learning, small / large group times, focused and free play, and quiet and physical activities. All of these meet the children's needs and help them develop at their own pace.


Caregiving aspects and mealtimes have been turned into rituals where children and educators share magical moments together. At mealtimes, the children are provided with a calm and welcoming environment where they self-serve and share a prayer before eating. We celebrate every child's birthday through our Birthday Rituals where we share the 'Through the Rainbow' story and the birthday child feels a sense of belonging by either sitting on the birthday chair, taking home the Birthday Bear or having a birthday tea party at snack time. The older children also take part in the Daily Mile ritual where they access the Daily Mile track for a 15-minute walk, jog or run.