The Role of a Key Person


A key person has a special role and responsibility for ensuring that every child's care and education is tailored to meet their individual needs.


Children become independent by firstly depending upon familiar adults for reassurance and comfort. When children are happy and secure, they are confident to explore and to try out new things.


Each key person at St Vincent's Nursery is committed to:

  • developing a genuine bond with children and offering a close, supportive relationship
  • helping the child to become familiar with the setting
  • responding sensitively to their feelings, ideas and behaviour, and meeting emotional needs by giving reassurance and supporting the child's well-being
  • building relationships with parents and maintaining strong communication channels
  • ensuring that each child's learning and care are tailor-made to their individual needs
  • creating and maintaining careful records of the child's development and progress, and sharing them with parents, the child and other professionals if necessary
  • supporting families by offering advice and guidance on a variety of subjects (weaning, toilet training, sleep routines etc.)


We recognise that when children are in new situations, such as moving to a new nursery, the development of the special bond is crucial for a successful settling in. All of our staff are dedicated to providing a family friendly, loving environment in which all children will thrive and reach their full potential.