Meet the Team


St Vincent's Nursery currently employs 32 members of the team; our highly-skilled teaching team forms the largest proportion of whole staff team and consists of fully qualified Early Years Educators and Early Years Teachers, as well as Early Years Apprentices who are at present working towards gaining their qualification in Early Years Education. We employ our very own supply team, who ensure consistent quality of care and eduation to our children.

In the evening, the teaching team is strengthened by our Teatime Assistants, local college students, who are offered a fantastic opportunity to gain working experience in this way.

Alongside our teaching team, we pride ourselves in employing an exceptional support team who are supernumerary and assume responsibility over various other aspects of the nursery life; those are the Nursery Manager, Nursery Deputy Manager, Curriculum Leader, Pre-school Teacher and Nursery Administrator. In addition, our creative kitchen team ensure 100% quality and balance in the area of child nutrition.


At St Vincent's Nursery, we adhere to our workplace culture created by the team; these values have been chosen by our team and make up our core values:

'We uphold professionalism within our setting and wider community. We respect our children, St Vincent's families and everyone within our team. Our good attitude and good humour strengthen our teamwork. We all make a positive contribution to our team, showing loyalty, kindness and maturity towards one another. Our energy and enthusiasm create a positive learning environment and atmosphere for our team and more importantly the children, ensuring growth and confidence develop within the team by everyone pulling together, building each other up and having effective communication. 

We show an understanding to everyone within our team and embed a workplace culture that is adaptable to meet everyone's needs as we continue to grow and work effectively as a whole.'